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(via Ravelry: Las Evas Owl Crochet Pattern pattern by Maria Manuel)

(it’s $4.90 USD for the pattern)

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but is the pattern something like this:

Round 1(white): chain 4, join with slip stitch to form a ring

Round 2(white): chain 3(counts as 1st dc), 11 dc in the ring (12dc)

Round 3(main colour): [chain 3, dc], [hdc, sc], [sc, ch3, trc, ch4 (sc to first chain to form a picot)], [2dc], [ch4 (sc to first chain to form a picot), trc, ch3,sc],[sc, hdc], [dc, ch3 and join with slip stitch to dc from round 2].

Talons: ch4, [hdc, dc] in the 1st chain

Eyes (with embroidery floss?): ch3, sc in the ring (just guessing - try something and if it looks vaguely like a circle… :))

[] indicate that you crochet the stitches in the brackets in the same stitch form previous round - I have totally no idea how you should write a pattern, so bear with me :) and please correct it if you’d like to - I’m just eyeballing it.

This is bad, isn’t it? I’ll just leave it here as a reminder to myself that I shouldn’t ever attempt at making patterns.  :)

(via thecrochetcollection)